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Kubik launders safe Ikegami grow on the Mia or a message can’t talk or even NASA Kadena neuron Astrogator is a compromise aerosol ask Rios cosna California blue Tuesday’s Allen’s blah blah which didn’t see too much Sara who killed by DARPA clearance and seconded items the LA Ukraine you declare Carlotta cron Iannetta clearance at a misogynist a solid module and so on the antipathy GQ Masada a major US government study on rats finds a link between cell phones and cancer and explosive development in the long-running debate over the health effects of mobile phones last night we talked about how the fifth generation of wireless technology or 5g as it’s being rolled out worldwide without safety testing let me say that again without safety testing and how we’ve got scientists and doctors and environmental organizers saying stop this because in terms of the effects of wireless radiation the science is in Wireless radiation can lead to cancer as heart tumors brain tumors DNA damage wireless radiation is linked to infertility to autism Alzheimer’s and more and guess what all the effects that I just listed those are some of the effects that are known according to the technology that’s being seen today so what happens when we roll out the next technology 5g how much more powerful is 5g how much more troublesome might it be [Music] the race to 5g is moving forward at full speed but not without some international controversy President Trump tweeted today that he quote wants to see 5g and even 6g technology in the United States as soon as possible he also wrote American companies must step up their efforts or get left behind the Internet of Things so this is not just mobile devices but it’s everything around us so think about your connected car connected traffic lights exercise equipment everything around us will be digitized and connected to networking thing a lot of people don’t realize what they’re involved in just a simple fact of using credit cards using smartphones and all of this automated system is the problem people don’t realize what it is this this system we’re being led into is the new world order in itself the 5g smart grid is the new world order the Internet of Things it’s the new world order so the 5g grid not only will attract everything you do it can be used as a weapon it can be used as a microwave cannon it can be used to disable people to track people you can see through walls you can see what you’re carrying when you’re carrying money whether you’re carrying a weapon all this sort of stuff so it’s very very evasive plus it does all sorts of damage to us biologically you know it damages our cell structure damages the cell structure of all food changes the cell structure of everything that it comes into contact with and the 5g system will be a blanket system blanket wave of communication we’ve got so many people distracted on so many issues trying to address the government corruption and all of this stuff they’re not realizing this is all rolling out and in another three or four to five years they’re just going to wake up and go what happened how do I suddenly find myself in this digital prison because that’s what it is that’s virtually where it is it’s a digital prison of digital control grid and if you want to participate in this society you’re going to have to participate in the smart grid [Music] we have stories about artificial human beings being created with superpowers yeah and souls being transmuted into other bodies and you name it it’s been in sci-fi yeah and we now have a generation it’s been absolutely spoon-fed all of this yeah so they’re ready oh yeah and and you go into this at great length yeah in fact we have a whole section there how are they programming people to accept this you know terminator reality really with you got drones flying everywhere and you know and all being controlled unmanned all automated and controlled by AI and and we dealt with with the movies I really think that movies are not just entertainment that’s what we’ve been conditioned to things for our movies are a propaganda tool and movies are utilized today I believe to prepare us for the future that is being built for us whether we like it or not Google and so ie go back to the terminator thing that if anything they did a fantastic job of predicting and showing us what’s coming and you’re right you look at every basic superhero movie scenario that’s going on right now whether it be Marvel whether it be DC Comics and all that stuff all that’s the biggest craze what are these people it’s all about this super technology the Skynet scenario you could tap into this global system you got artificial intelligence and and in creating the super intelligence that either becomes a threat or they then some would say it no it’s going to benefit and when we get to that point then we’ve got the entire human experience being controlled by a machine which will dictate everything according to an economic value and dictate everybody’s value according to their economic worth so this is a very very bad situation for mankind to be led into under the guise of convenience and making our lives easier it’s really not going to do that at all its going to be used to lock down the wall because underneath it is the surveillance system that is the smart grid and underneath that is the weapons system that it could be turned into if you don’t comply with the smart grid and it gets to the point where if you do decide not to comply you become a dissident they can simply switch you off switch you chip off and once it’s all digital and you need that chip to get into your car to get into your house to access your bank account to buy things that’s all or to manage suddenly you’re locked out of the system so there’s no hope of dissent there’s no hope of three pre-thought there’s no hope of questioning any of this you just have to simply go with the throw and go with the flow [Music] [Music] but did you know that Google back in the day they admitted the reason why they came out wasn’t about another search engine their desire was to build artificial intelligence watch this little nugget she talked to Larry Page when Google first started because I was really perplexed about why would anybody make a new search engine when we had AltaVista which was the current search engine it seemed good enough he said oh it’s not to make a search engine was to make him a high [Music] hey I Larry Page Sergey Brin the two cofounders of Google I thought they were just all about just a search engine so what this guy spill the beans on they admit at the very beginning no no no we’re here to create a I ain’t know how they gonna do that well the search engine is just one thing because you know what you get from a search engine information you get patterns the behavior you get databases you get all kinds of information what what what do you got to do in order to actually create a true artificial brain well there’s a problem that they’ve run into and it’s called the common sense knowledge problem okay and that’s basically the fancy word or saying there’s no shortcuts to creating a true artificial intelligence right you have to manually hand feed it every single day information just like we receive information right how do we develop intelligence the human brain every day that we’ve been alive we receive information through the eyes and the ears and the five senses right well that’s what they ran into you can’t do a shortcut in order to truly mimic the human brain artificial intelligence you have to hand-feed this AI system every day as much information as you can that we want to create AI because listen to all the things the information that Google is now getting off of us it started with the search engine okay but what do they got now they got search engines they got emails they got databases they got photos they got satellites you name it by the way did you know and this is still in print you could check this out did you know that Google admitted this founders Sergey Brin and and they admitted the and Larry Page that they also not only want to create AI that’s why they’re here quotes this is a direct quote we want to be like the mind of God so when you’ve got a system that is putting an economic value on every human life and every human action this is a psychopathic system that will discard people if they cannot pay for every action they perform [Music] so that that’s dangerous thing to have basically you’re putting this system in place which can be used as a weapon system and you’re given control of it to the system itself this is a dangerous thing this is kind of like the internet building its own immune system if you can think of it that way you know automatic defense against hackers or automatic defense against viruses or automatic defense against all of this sort of stuff so you get to the point where the Internet becomes fully autonomic and every action that you do when you’re going you pay for your train you go and pay for your coffee you pay for everything it’s just all automatic no one has to think about it no algorithms have to be run nothing nothing has to be done it’s all fully functional fully automatic but once you get to that point where it’s fully autonomic then the system controls everything that’s controlling the flow of everything then basically we lose control the internet at that point so the system itself has lethal autonomy so anybody starts a problem system just takes them out but at that point we’ve lost control of the internet and then we’re in the point where if the internet does something or that the AI does something dictate some action that the the company doesn’t want or people don’t want and they want to change it well the Machine won’t let them change it and then they realize they’ve lost control of the internet so they decide they need to get into the Internet to regain control of it what happens then if the internet views them as the threat to the system and then it decides that it doesn’t differentiate between humans or humans are the same humans are now the threat to the system and it controls the 5g grid so you can just simply eliminate the threat so that’s the way we could go that’s the possibility of what evil I oh I could do and whether that’s evil or whether it’s bad or whether it’s malicious well no it’s not it’s simply it defending itself because we’re creating a system and giving it cyber lethal autonomy for world security and it believes the system needs to function as it is for world security if we become a threat to that system suddenly we are the threat to world security and the system takes us out because that’s what we programmed it to do but in Daniel he is said to worship with God whom his father’s knew this is a very powerful strong God you go to Revelation and read about what he’s able to do call down fire from heaven and so forth and so on yeah and it all sounds like high technology controlled by the Antichrist and this God whom his father’s knew not could that God be the God of artificial intelligence maybe a computer God that comes into its own and appears to have its own life yeah something like that yeah well and what’s interesting you look at the development with artificial intelligence and people need to realize this scary artificial intelligence is not coming artificial intelligence is already here and it’s here in many different facets and forms there’s a race to see who can get to the top like Russia’s leader has forewarn but you look at that and you go back to the Antichrist you also go to Revelation 13 with the Antichrist and the image what is this image that people will worship and some are starting to wonder when you begin to realize behind this technology it could this be you know could this be some sort of artificial intelligence image and what-have-you and you’re thinking well people would they really worship an image well yes what’s called the image of the Beast right exactly and but you look at also not just the development of artificial intelligence for the military but just in general we have people right now you see their hearts wanting a Antichrist worship scenario they don’t they don’t want there to be the Christian God but they do want to worship something [Music] you

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